Connecting with Syncserver

Syncserver is a service which helps to synchronize user accounts in HarID portal into institution's internal directory service (for ex. Active Directory, OpenLDAP etc.). Comparing to HarIDSync it is not necessary to have separate synchronization-server up and running in institution. For connecting with Syncserver, following steps are needed to complete:

  1. enable Syncserver connection (IP: through your institution's firewall;
  2. register yourself as system administrator under your institution in HarID portal;
  3. create API-user entry under your institution, for that:
    1. navigate to your institution's desktop in HarID portal
    2. pick "AD users and settings"
    3. click "API users"
    4. press "New API user"
      In opened view it is possible to configure connection with HarIDSync as well as with Syncserver- pick the proper tab.
    5. Fill the required fields in the form